Halloween Candy Favorites

Halloween Candy Favorites

Lucy Brisman, News Editor

Every kid’s favorite part of Halloween is all the free candy. 

Whether you think that almonds ruin Hershey’s chocolate bars, or that grape jolly ranchers should be thrown out, everyone has an opinion. 

For many people, Halloween and especially Halloween candy can be associated with nostalgia from childhood. Many people can relate to the excitement of choosing a Halloween costume, getting ready for trick or treating, and running around their neighbor’s streets excited when they get a king-size candy.

Gaby Gomez, a junior at NVD, associates her favorite candy with nostalgia.

“My favorite Halloween candy is Tootsie fruit chews. These fruit-flavored candies bring me back to my early childhood when I went trick or treating. Whenever I would get these candies in my bag, I would be so happy and save them for last so I can savor them. The lime fruit roll is the absolute best and is my all-time favorite,” said Gomez

 According to a poll by Today.yougov.com of 1,000 adults, the most popular candies are M&M originals, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Kit Kats. While kid’s top three were Airheads, Pop Rocks, and Twix. 

Ryan Yu, a freshman, raves about his favorite candy as well. 

“I really like Milky Ways because they are creamy, and I love chocolate.”

Like Ryan, Trianha Puente, a sophomore, loves chocolate candies. 

“I really love Kit Kats because of the way the chocolate melts, and the layers of the candy are just perfect and rich with flavor,” said Puente.

Gabby also adds that it is important to take her allergies into consideration when thinking about Halloween. This goes for a lot of people as many nuts, chocolate, dairy, and other allergies can affect their Halloween experience. 

“Since I can’t eat chocolate because of an allergy, it was always so hard to find a candy that I really liked,” said Gabby.