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End of 2023-24 school year countdown
End of the year!
School is over!
(photo courtesy of Audrey Kim)
NVD’s persistent “mice issue”
Michelle Yu, Co-News Editor • May 21, 2024

One persistent issue that has been affecting NVD is the mice infiltrating cafeterias, classrooms, and...

(photo courtesy of Trusted Reviews)
Individuals share mixed feelings about TikTok ban
Niki Feiner, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

On Wednesday, April 17, President Joe Biden approved a bill giving TikTok company ByteDance two options:...

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Future of AI
Everest Chu, Staff Writer • March 24, 2024
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New York Rangers at MSG
Photo Credits: NYR at MSG
They’re on their feet at the garden!
Ashley Morrison, Features Editors • May 23, 2024

Madison Square Garden’s New York Rangers (NHL) and New York Knicks (NBA) have both made the second...

The tournament schedule posted on the softball instagram account.
(Photo courtesy of NVDSoftball via Instagram)
Girls softball team makes history
Lilly Hamlin, Sports Editor • May 20, 2024

For the first time since 2019, the girls softball team secured a win in their annual Susan G. Komen Breast...

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Summer calls for a shorts restock
Sujin Kim, Staff Writer • May 23, 2024

As much as everyone loves snuggling up in their comfy sweats and hoodies, the chilly days have come to an end. As summer approaches, the UV and...

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Students of NVD take on tanning
Maya Gueguen, Editor-in-chief • May 21, 2024

It’s officially tanning season! It’s time to get everyone’s sunscreen, sunglasses, and towels out.  With the start of warm weather,...

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Memorial Day Weekend Tips and Traditions
Scarlett Gaard, Lifestyle Editor • May 20, 2024
Seniors dress up in Frat attire. 
Photo courtesy of Lilly Hamlin
Seniors participate in spirit week
LeAnn Speranza, Photo/Design Editor • May 31, 2024

As the end of the year approaches for NVD seniors, they get to dress up for an entire week in different...

Student Creative Writing 
Photo Courtesy: Pixabay
Students Read NVD’s Latest Literary Magazine
Anna Schwartz, Photo Design Editor • May 31, 2024

In the middle of June, NVD’s Literary Magazine, contributed and put together by students, will be open...

 Front view of Haworth Public School and County Road School in Demarest.
Seniors attend WBL for end of May
Syrena Sayid, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024
Refreshing Boba now available at NVD       
Photo Credit: FreeImages
New foods arrive at the cafeteria
Julia Reyes, Opinion Editor • May 21, 2024
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Another success for NVD's annual art show
Michelle Yu, Co-News Editor • June 12, 2024

NVD holds an annual art show to display students’ artwork from different art classes the school...

NVD student's summer songs
Lola Brown, Co Editor-in-chief • June 12, 2024

As the weather gets warmer and seasonal depression is in the rearview mirror, certain songs perfectly...

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Graduation caps being thrown in the air.
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A senior looks back
Lucy Brisman, Managing Editor/Opinion Editor • May 31, 2024

13 years ago, County Road Elementary School gave me an ID that defined me for my entire academic career. The first four numbers were 2024....

Teachers shouldn’t give homework on religious holidays
Teachers shouldn’t give homework on religious holidays
Valentina Penagos, Staff Writer • May 31, 2024

In the past few days, teachers have been giving homework to students while holidays have been happening. Most of these holidays have been Jewish...

LSU’s Angel Reese
Women's collegiate basketball players are “breaking the backboard” of the sports industry
Mia Harrison, Managing Editor/Sports Editor • May 31, 2024

The 2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Final Championship went down on April 7th as a moment in women's sports history to be remembered. Throughout...

Editorial: Passing the torch
Editorial: Passing the torch
Marta Gershanok, Editor-in-chief • May 31, 2024

As the year comes to an end, it’s time for me to pass the torch as editor-in-chief to the next class. Considering I started my journalism journey...

(Photo courtesy to Phillip Pessar:Flickr)
Is Brandy Melville exclusive or offensive?
Marta Gershanok, Editor-in-Chief • October 16, 2023

Is Brandy Melville “uncancellable”? Are their “one size fits all” clothes morally wrong or is their brand just “exclusive” to a certain...

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