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End of 2023-24 school year countdown
End of the year!
School is over!
(photo courtesy of Audrey Kim)
NVD’s persistent “mice issue”
Michelle Yu, Co-News Editor • May 21, 2024

One persistent issue that has been affecting NVD is the mice infiltrating cafeterias, classrooms, and...

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Individuals share mixed feelings about TikTok ban
Niki Feiner, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

On Wednesday, April 17, President Joe Biden approved a bill giving TikTok company ByteDance two options:...

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Future of AI
Everest Chu, Staff Writer • March 24, 2024
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 Front view of Haworth Public School and County Road School in Demarest.
Seniors attend WBL for end of May
Syrena Sayid, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

Expect the hallways to be much emptier now that a majority of the senior class will be attending WBL...

Refreshing Boba now available at NVD       
Photo Credit: FreeImages
New foods arrive at the cafeteria
Julia Reyes, Opinion Editor • May 21, 2024

Exciting new changes are coming to the school cafeteria. From tasty new drinks like boba to refreshing...

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Travel plans during this summer
Make Summer Plans Now or Never
Anna Schwartz, Staff Writer • April 10, 2024
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NVD Students Get AP Test Anxieties
Mia Harrison, Staff Writer • April 10, 2024
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New York Rangers at MSG
Photo Credits: NYR at MSG
They’re on their feet at the garden!
Ashley Morrison, Features Editors • May 23, 2024

Madison Square Garden’s New York Rangers (NHL) and New York Knicks (NBA) have both made the second...

Girls softball team makes history
Lilly Hamlin, Sports Editor • May 20, 2024

For the first time since 2019, the girls softball team secured a win in their annual Susan G. Komen Breast...

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Glen Powell – star of Hitman
(photo courtesy of
New movies are sliding into the box office this summer
Penelope Alevrontas, Associate Arts Editor • May 23, 2024

Summer 2023 was a successful season for movies. “Barbenheimer” knocked the ball out of the park....

photo courtesy of Rolling Stone Twenty One Pilots Clancy Photoshoot
Twenty One Pilots kick off their new era with single "Overcompensate"
Lia Levy, Staff writer • April 10, 2024

Since the conclusion of the Icy Tour in 2021, pop duo Twenty One Pilots have been silent with music content,...

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And the Oscar goes to...
Penelope Alevrontas, Associate Arts Editor • March 26, 2024
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 Sephora store
Pre-teen wannabes take over Sephora
Sophia Lee, News Editor • May 23, 2024

Over the past two years, the beauty retailer Sephora has experienced an increasing number of preteen customers. This raises concerns for both...

Lola Brown and Abdel Mehanni working at Tavern at the Iron Horse
Get to work NVD!
Lola Brown, Features Editor • April 26, 2024

Being a student is hard. There are lots of things we are responsible for. Students are involved in sports, extracurricular activities, and rigorous...

Picture of a hand smoking weed
NYC needs to retract their weed policy
Sophia Lee, Staff Writer • April 10, 2024

What comes to mind with the name “Manhattan?” Do visions of towering skyscrapers, trendy restaurants, and bougie stores come to mind? What...

(Photo courtesy to Phillip Pessar:Flickr)
Is Brandy Melville exclusive or offensive?
Marta Gershanok, Editor-in-Chief • October 16, 2023

Is Brandy Melville “uncancellable”? Are their “one size fits all” clothes morally wrong or is their brand just “exclusive” to a certain...

Farewell High School Sports: Staff Writer Jake Kauderer
Farewell High School Sports: Staff Writer Jake Kauderer
Jacob Kauderer, Staff Writer • May 17, 2023

I have been a part of the Northern Valley Demarest tennis program for the past three years. Being a part of this program has been an incredibly...

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Niki Feiner
Niki Feiner
Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Niki. I am a sophomore at NVD, and I am really excited to be writing for the Northern Star this year. I play varsity tennis for our high school’s team, which I love. I can’t wait to continue...

Dylan Steiner
Dylan Steiner
PR and Photo/Design Co-Editor

Hi! I am Dylan Steiner, and I am the PR and Phot/Design Co-editor for The Northern Star. I enjoy painting, drawing, soccer, and spending time with friends and family. I am a senior and cannot wait to write...

Anna Schwartz
Anna Schwartz
Staff Writer

Hi I’m Anna, a sophomore this year at NVD! I really love being a part of our school's paper. My passions include writing and dancing where I dance competitively outside of school. I am the middle of...

Scarlett Gaard
Scarlett Gaard
Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Scarlett. I am a Junior and this is my first year being a part of Journalism. I play varsity volleyball and I have an older sister who played volleyball as well. I am so excited to be a part...

Syrena Sayid
Syrena Sayid
Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Syrena. I am a senior and this is my first year in journalism as a staff writer. I play volleyball and throw javelin at NVD. I am looking forward to writing for the news site and print this year!

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