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NVD’s persistent “mice issue”

Michelle Yu, Co-News Editor May 21, 2024

One persistent issue that has been affecting NVD is the mice infiltrating cafeterias, classrooms, and gyms within the school.  Students from all grades have been affected by the issue, feeling emotions...

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Individuals share mixed feelings about TikTok ban

Niki Feiner, Staff Writer May 21, 2024

On Wednesday, April 17, President Joe Biden approved a bill giving TikTok company ByteDance two options: sell TikTok to an approved buyer or see its ban in the United States. This ban would affect not...

Bring your child to work day comes back

Bring your child to work day comes back

The Northern Star Staff April 29, 2024

On April 25, NVD brought back Bring Your Child to Work Day. It was a new experience for both the students and the children. With games throughout the day and teachers integrating their kids into their...

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Future of AI

Everest Chu, Staff Writer March 24, 2024

AI has always been around since 1956 but it has been vastly popularized since the first discovery of ChatGPT. Mainly used by students in high school and college, Chat GPT is one of the first AI tools to...

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New zodiac signs

Michelle Yu and Valentina Penagos Morales March 4, 2024

The unofficial addition of the Ophiuchus and Cetus constellations altered the dates of the other 12 zodiac signs already known, causing some people to change their sign for the new year. “Due...

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NVD celebrates Norseman day 2024

Lilly Hamlin and Marta Gershanok January 30, 2024

Yesterday January 30th, the Norsemen and women came together to celebrate Norsemen Day. All periods were shortened in order to save an hour at the end of the day. After the pep rally, various activities...

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Buses of Migrants Arrive in NJ to Evade NYC Executive Order

Michelle Yu, News/Photo/Design Co-Editor January 25, 2024

Busloads of migrants are strategically getting dropped off at New Jersey rail stations in an attempt to evade an executive order from New York, raising concerns over the unexpected impact on local resources....

NVD cuts subs for school year

NVD cuts subs for school year

Scarlett Gaard, Staff Writer November 16, 2023

Have you noticed that students are no longer in a classroom when they have a sub? Rather, they are sitting in the cafeteria or the gym with multiple other classes without a substitute teacher. NVD has...

Leah Van de Van, Mrs. Glick, and Claire Song in the Girl Up classroom.
(Photo courtesy of Syrena Sayid)

Girl Up Club Returns to NVD

Syrena Sayid, Staff Writer November 8, 2023

The Women’s Empowerment Club (popularly known as "Girl Up") is making a comeback for this school year.  During spring of this year it was announced that the administration was forced to do budget...

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NVD welcomes back Principal Dr. Sabatini

Michelle Yu, News/Co-Photo/Design Editor October 13, 2023

NVD students and faculty welcomed back Principal Dr. Sabatini from NVOT this 2023-2024 school year. Dr. Sabatini was greatly appreciative of the chance to work as the principal of NVD and reminded...

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Clarifying misconceptions: understanding the changes in the Northern Valley school district’s budget

Alexandra Stanivukovic and Lola Brown, Staff Writer and Features Co-Editor June 21, 2023

The Northern Valley School District has recently faced some misconceptions and concerns regarding changes in the budget for the 2023-2024 school year. To provide clarity and address these concerns, Superintendent...

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AI vs. Turnitin

John (Yedong) Kim, Staff Writer June 13, 2023

Through the development of techs, such as ChatGPT and other engines, AI has become a tool for many students to use when writing essays, homework, and other school material. The AI function known as ChatGPT,...

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