Summer Job Opportunities


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View of beach at Summer Camp with boat house, changing room, wooden fence with life jackets and life preservers hanging, trees, lake, boats Photo courtesy of pixabay

Ava McLaughlin, Staff Writer

Summer is something that most people look forward to. Whether people spend that time going on vacation or just chilling at home, it’s an exciting time for everyone. 

Although school usually ends, work still continues year-round, which is why a lot of teens get summer jobs. Between unpaid internships, community service, or a paying job, many teens like to keep occupied during the summer, and maybe make a little extra money by working. 

Sophomore, Jessica Anavim is working for her town’s recreational camp this summer. “I’ve been there since preschool and always knew I wanted to work there growing up,” Anavim said. 

Getting a summer job can also open people’s eyes to new fields of work which could help them decide what they might want to do in the future. It is a great responsibility and a great way of learning. 

Sophomore Kyra Sasmaz, is also working for her town’s recreational camp this summer. “I want to gain experience by getting to work with the kids and gain a sense of responsibility. I also wanted to work there this summer in order to gain experience for college,” Sasmaz said. 

Gaining work experience is a great way to start thinking about the future. Even if some people may not want to work in the same field when they are older, it is still a great way to learn. 

“By working at the camp, I want to work there to make money first and I also just love being around kids. We get to take the kids outside and on field trips and let them do activities which is really fun. Also, I love being able to work with my friends,” Anavim said. 

For students looking for a job this summer, here are some ideas of where to work.

List of Jobs Ideas: 

  • Summer camp counselor 
  • Lifeguard or front desk at a local swim club 
  • Waiter/Waitress at a local restaurant
  • Stop and Shop 
  • Chipotle 
  • Wally’s Bagels 
  • Daniella’s Ice Cream 
  • Target