Emmy Award winning Journalist visits Journalism Students


Marta Gershanok, Features/Managing Editor

On January 5th, Jen Maxfield, an Emmy award winning news reporter visited the Journalism students at Northern Valley. A broadcast journalism teacher at Columbia University, and a substitute anchor at NBC New York, Ms.Maxfield has had a lot of success in her field as a journalist. She estimated that she has interviewed over 10,000 people in her career. 

In her new book, More After the Break Jen Maxfield takes a deep dive into ten really impactful stories that she has reported on. Ms.Maxfield wanted to return to the interviews of these stories, to ask where they are in life now and how their story has impacted them. In addition, she gives detailed personal accounts on her journey as a journalist in such a competitive field. 

Her best selling book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and many other book stores around the US.



Check out her website for a link to the book and more information: