Bat-tling for Women’s Health


Courtesy of NVD Softball Instagram

Lilly Hamlin, Sports Editor

The girls softball team recently hosted their Breast Cancer Tournament on April 22, 2023 in order to honor Susan G Komen and spread awareness for breast cancer. Teams like Fort Lee, Cliffside Park, Bergenfield, AHA, Westwood, Dwight Morrow and Tenafly all competed in the tournament. 

Head Coach Robert Petrella emphasized the importance of the tournament and how hosting events like these softball games help the community get involved. 

“It’s something the program has been doing for years, I’m just fortunate enough to have inherited it. It’s cliche to say that coaching is more about the wins and losses but this is a perfect example of using athletics to get involved with the community and potentially help people.  It’s typically a great day, and it’s a great opportunity to get our athletes involved in a program bigger than sports,” Petrella said. 

The team helps out the parents and works throughout the day whether it’s announcing each team, selling donation tickets or helping with the snack stand. The warm weather makes it easier for the team to bond and support each other and the other teams. 

“We usually give them a short practice the day before to let them get together to make posters.  The girls put together pink ribbons, and we get alternate jerseys.   Since the team spends the rest of the day working the tournament together, it also allows them to hang out all day and work together.  It definitely gives us an additional team bonding opportunity,” Petrella said. 

Not only does the tournament help the girls come together as a team but it also benefits NVD as it is a program highlight and it gives the staff and other people in the community a chance to watch the team. 

Freshman Oliva Ferullo, varsity center field also talks about her experience since it was her first year playing in the tournament.

She explains that it was a great experience to go through during her first year on the softball team.  Ferullo said that the games were not only a fun experience to watch but they also helped her get closer to her teammates. 

“My favorite part of the tournament is the time we get to spend together. Being able to announce the games and sell things with our friends and watch the games for sure brought us all closer together,” Ferullo said. 

As the season goes on Ferullo is eager to go into the second half of the season confident with the strong bonds and friendships the team has created ever since the tournament. The Breast Cancer Tournament not only spreads awareness but brings the community and the softball team closer.