Best Love Triangles in TV and Film

Best Love Triangles in TV and Film

Lola Brown, Staff Writer

Best love triangle couples in tv and film: Three’s a crowd

As time has passed, there have been plenty of shows that teenagers watch in their free time. Cheesy and romantic shows offer teens a place to escape so they can live their lives through a character on a screen. In these romantic shows, there are often love triangles, or even love squares that offer drama into shows. The dynamic of two people fighting over one another makes a show go from dull to interesting. 

Rory and Logan vs. Rory and Dean vs. Rory and Jess- “Gilmore Girls”

One show with a love square is the show called “Gilmore Girls.” The love square is between four of the main characters, Rory, Dean, Jess, and Logan. Though all these relationships don’t occur simultaneously, these men come in and out of Rory’s life to keep the show interesting. 

Sophomore Erin Rhee describes her love for the couple Jess and Rory in “Gilmore Girls”

“I like Jess and Rory because they had more chemistry and had a much healthier relationship than the others. Jess was always supportive of Rory throughout her experiences in both high school and college. He was the one who tried to get her back into focusing on Yale, showing how much he cared about her and her future,” Rhee said.

Rhee compares Rory’s relationship with Jess as better compared to her other admirers. 

“I don’t hate her relationship with Logan, but I didn’t choose them because I just like her relationship with Jess more. I despise her relationship with Dean, and I just don’t like Dean’s personality at all. Their relationship was extremely toxic and there are several examples of how toxic they were. He also made her a bad person, as he cheated on his fiance with Rory, and made Rory think that she didn’t do anything wrong” Rhee said.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Waters enjoys Rory and Dean more than her other suitors. 

“I liked Rory and Dean better because he treated her well and acknowledged her comfort zones. Dean thought about how Rory felt and genuinely cared about her. With Logan and Jess, Rory was pushed outside of her comfort zone, ultimately leading to getting her into some trouble” Waters said. 

Aviv Anavy, a freshman at NVD, explains how she likes Logan and Rory more than the other guys. 

“I feel Logan really cared about Rory and about her future. He gave her space to be herself and he helped her when she was all alone,” Anavy said. 

She explains, “It’s not that I don’t like the other guys, Logan is just better for Rory.”

Jane and Rafael vs. Jane and Michael- “Jane the Virgin”

“Jane the Virgin” is a telenovela. A telenovela is a type of tv drama or soap opera made mostly in Latin America. Jane was engaged to Michael and she was accidentally artificially inseminated with Rafael’s baby who she previously crushed on. This caused some obvious turmoil in her current relationship and created the “Jane the Virgin” love triangle. 

Freshman Maddie Plump is a fan of this show. She enjoys watching it to support her favorite couple, Jane and Rafael. 

“I like Jane and Rafael better because they get each other more than Jane and Michael. She also had Rafael’s little boy so I think they would be a better couple because Jane would want Rafael to be in his life. Also, Rafael is always there for her when she needs support” Plump said. 

Sophomore Arielle Levy explains her love for the other couple. 

“Michael’s letter to Jane said, ‘Our destiny was just a series of detours bringing us back to each other again and again.’ This proves how much he loves her,” Levy said.

Plump describes her dislike of Jane and Michael.

“Michael and Jane don’t understand each other enough to be together and they don’t have a good connection and can’t talk about problems because they don’t know how to speak to each other,” Plump said.

Levy disagrees with Plump about Rafael, “Rafael is involved in a lot of sketchy business and would bring Jane into it. Rafael is unstable throughout the show and keeps having changes in thoughts.”

Damon and Elena vs. Stefan and Elena- “The Vampire Diaries”


“The Vampire Diaries” is an incredibly popular television show that many teens tune into on Netflix. It’s about a love triangle between two vampire brothers who fight over a human girl named Elena Gilbert.

Sophomore Adam Tal describes his opinion of the love triangle. 

“I like Damon and Elena better because they have much better chemistry, Damon knows how to take care of Elena better, and he loves her more,” Tal said. 

Sophomore Maya Mikay enjoys Stefan and Elena more. 

“I like Stefan and Elena more because they met when Elena didn’t know about the whole vampire thing which shows that it didn’t influence anything with her feelings. They were also super cute together and with all the scenes they were in together you could just tell they loved one another. They were the opposite of toxic and literally would die for one another” Mikay said.

“I do not dislike Stefan at all, I just do not like Stefan and Elena together compared to Damon and Elena. Stefan is a great person who always wanted the best for Elena as well, but Damon knew what she wanted better than his brother,” Adam said. 

Mikay disagrees with Adam and believes “Elena only started having loving/ romantic feelings for Damon once she turned into a vampire which could have to do with Damon’s blood being the one that turned her. I just like a more warm relationship which they didn’t really have.”

Jim and Pam vs. Jim and Karen- “The Office”

“The Office” is one of the most famous shows on American television. The show is incredibly recognizable and it’s an easily consumable and enjoyable show. The majority of the show is centered around Jim and Pam’s budding romance, but at some point, the beautiful Rashida Jones enters the show as Karen, Jim’s new love interest. Sophomore Kayla Cepeda enjoys the couple, Jim and Pam. 

“I like Jim and Pam more because they seemed to connect more and seemed to have more in common unlike Jim and Karen, who seemed like they had less in common and their relationship wasn’t as special as Jim and Pam’s,” Cepeda said.

Cepeda describes her opposing thoughts on Jim and Karen. 

“Jim and Karen are okay, it’s just they didn’t have a great connection and a ton in common like Jim and Pam,” Cepeda said.

Sophomore Sara Genena enjoys watching Jim and Karen’s romance more. 

“I liked Jim and Karen better than Jim and Pam because they seemed more flirtatious at times and they were a good-looking couple. I like Jim and Pam, but I think they took too long to come to a conclusion about what they are, and after a while, their spark faded away a little,” Genena said.

There’s lots of love in television and these are the best outcomes.