Throwback: 2000 fashion

Lola Brown, Staff Writer

Throwback: 2000s Winter Fashion

The 2000s was an iconic time for fashion and pop culture as a whole. Society incorporated fashion into their lives way more than we do now. Throughout the decades, the fashion industry has progressed quite a lot, and fashion trends are always changing. Even though trends continue to evolve, we can still see them resurface.


Moon boots:

Photo courtesy of Victoria.martinez.blg: instagram

Moon boots are a relic of the past. These unique-looking shoes are technically snow boots, but are worn in a more fashionable way. Celebrities such as  Paris Hilton, Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and even his wife Linda McCartney, wear this type of shoe. These trendy snow boots are continuing to make a comeback, along with the entire Y2K aesthetic.







Low-rise jeans:

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Low-rise jeans have a unique type of style that was created originally in the 1960s. However, they are most known to be a staple in the early 2000s. Low-waisted jeans are low-cut pants, that lay lower on one’s stomach. They’re a reminiscent item of clothing of the 2000s that have come back to popularity in recent times with the return of Y2K clothing.






Photo courtesy of Pinterest

UGGS, a boot brand, never went out of style, but its peak was undoubtedly in the 2000s. Uggs are suede boots that range in length from slippers to long boots. Uggs are widely acclaimed, loved, and extremely popular, then and now.  JLO to Pharell are both famous singers who were both seen with these boots on. 







Juicy Couture tracksuits:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The Juicy Couture tracksuits were debatably the most iconic pieces in the 2000s. The thing about Juicy Couture is that when they are brought up in today’s fashion, people don’t automatically think of celebrities; they think of pictures of their moms. These tracksuits used to cost around $155, but now they retail at $79 for pants and $119 for zip-ups. These tracksuits have been spiking in popularity, and making a comeback in fashion. They are on resell apps such as depop, and making a name for themselves on the social media platform, TikTok.





Low-waisted flare leggings:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Low-waisted flare leggings are pants that most people in the 2000s would wear. It has always been an ageless, and buildable piece. They are a super comfortable article of clothing that has been worn by pretty much everyone since most people own this classic. 







Fashion is a revolving door that is constantly opening and closing for new trends. It is important to remember and reflect on the trends of the past, because some stuff never goes out of style!