Poetry Out Loud Announcement

Poetry Out Loud Announcement

Ariel Goldberg, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s Poetry Out Loud season and this year, it is organized by Mrs. Miano and Ms. Albirt. Poetry Out Loud is a national competition for students to share their talents in poetry recitation. At NVD, it has always been a tradition to include musical or performance acts in addition to the recitation, to give it a variety show-like format. Students are encouraged to participate for a chance to be in the final competition on December 6, 2022, in the auditorium. 

Students can ask their English teachers for more information about this event, so they can be a part of this process. 

“Most students are invited to participate by their English teachers after a strong classroom performance. However, not all English classes work on poetry in the first marking period so Ms. Albirt and I invite anyone who is interested to compete in the preliminary contest,” Miano said.

Once students recite their first poems to enter in the competition, decisions for the next steps are made. 

“Poems are selected from a large library of poetry on the Poetry Out Loud website.  Students must recite two poems in the final competition on December 6th,” Miano said. “The winner will be invited to move on to the Bergen county competition.”

In order to prepare for the final day, students take the time to review and perform their poems with the help of Mrs. Miano and Ms. Albirt.

“Students will be given opportunities to work with me and Ms. Albirt on preparing their recitations before the final competition,” Miano said.

Mrs. Miano always loved hearing about the event when she first started working at Northern Valley Demarest. 

“I remember thinking that this would have been an event I would have wanted to participate in when I was in high school,” Miano said. “While poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this competition is a great way to get more students interested in and excited about poetry.”

Poetry Out Loud is an opportunity for students to share their experiences and voice with an audience. Anyone is welcome to give it a try.

“I enjoy seeing students pour their own uniqueness into the poems that they recite.  Every student has a different interpretation when it comes to poetry recitation,” Miano said. “It is amazing to see students work hard and embrace the spirit of the poems they choose.”