Thanksgiving Foods: What Is Your Favorite Dish?


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Dylan Steiner and Maya Gueguen

When people think of Thanksgiving, they probably think about the recipes, decorations, and endless planning. The goal for most is to have guests slumped on the couch with their jeans unbuttoned and ready to sleep by 9pm. To achieve this goal, the food has to be held to a certain standard.

Alexis Goebel, the culinary teacher at NVD, said it is not easy for her to enjoy a traditional meal, as she is not fond of Thanksgiving foods. 

Instead, she enjoys a more unorthodox dinner on Thanksgiving night.

“I can appreciate a good corn casserole. I prefer non-traditional and enjoy going out for dim sum, Korean BBQ, or Sushi on the holiday instead of cooking at home,” said Goebel. 

For over 14 years, Ms. Goebel has been celebrating Thanksgiving with her best friend from Arizona, who also appreciates a  nontraditional meal. Goebel emphasizes her hatred for Thanksgiving foods, as she said that there is, “no turkey allowed!” 

While her Thanksgiving meals are not typical, Ms.Goebel celebrates thankfulness with the people she cares about, embodying the point of this holiday. 

Even though some may prefer non-traditional meals, Thanksgiving dinner usually includes turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. People love to come home to the sizzling and crispy smell of a turkey, fresh out of the oven. 

Michael Theuerkauf, the head coach of the cross country and track & field team thinks that stuffing takes the number one spot for best Thanksgiving side dish. As the son of an Italian chef, it is hard to get Theuerkauf hooked on some classic American foods, however he does enjoy an off the charts stuffing.

“I like something that has some sausage and some meat in it. It’s solid and holds up to the cranberries and gravy. It can’t be a weak, soft, stuffing” Theuerkauf said.

Lisa Nazipov, a sophomore said mashed potatoes are her ideal Thanksgiving dish. 

“I love the warm, creamy, mashed potatoes with a touch of sour cream, and the taste of gravy oozing out the sides,” Nazipov said. “It reminds me of my childhood back in Ukraine.”

Thanksgiving foods can bring back all sorts of memories. Sitting back and eating a large meal with the people you love the most is a warm and comforting feeling. It would not be the same without iconic and delicious dishes. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, recipes and planning become the rave. Having the perfect dishes to celebrate with loved ones is extremely important in making the holiday ideal. So, let us know what your favorite side dish is down below.

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