Farewell High School Sports: Staff Writer Jake Kauderer


Jacob Kauderer, Staff Writer

I have been a part of the Northern Valley Demarest tennis program for the past three years. Being a part of this program has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. 

I only started playing tennis during the summer of 2020, as it was a sport that was considered safe during the pandemic. While I was already someone who played numerous sports, I had little experience playing tennis outside of rarely playing with my family. I quickly developed a passion for the sport and joined the tennis team during my sophomore year of high school. I was one of the top players on the junior varsity team, and I had a great time playing loads of tennis and improving my game. I played second doubles most of the year and ended up with a winning record. This was just the beginning of my tennis experience. 

After playing tennis during the off-season, I returned to the team in my junior year, hoping to play for the varsity team this time. I was able to make the varsity team, and while I was not a starter, I was able to practice and hone my skills greatly while on such a great team. Led by a stacked senior class, our tennis team shined, winning a state championship. Not only was I a part of a winning team, but I was also part of a team where I formed special friendships and learned so much beyond tennis. The experience of being on this team showed me what a team of winners looks like, and also just how important relationships are to a successful team.

I came into my senior year of high school with a simple goal for the tennis season: improve my game while also being a leader for a young team. After much playing and practicing with friends during the summer, I came into my senior year with much greater responsibility than in previous years. To start, my responsibilities as a leader were much greater than before. As one of the three seniors on the team, I knew I had to lead by example. I led warm-ups, I gave speeches, and I formed valuable friendships with teammates throughout the season. In addition, my hard work in improving my tennis game paid off, as I earned one of the singles positions on my team. Playing singles is extremely different from doubles, but I have taken the challenge and done my absolute best to face it head-on. I have had to be a leader off the court while still focusing on my game on the court. I think this has only made me better both on and off the court. As my coach taught me, competition is a good thing, not just at tennis, but at anything.

Overall, I can look back fondly on my tennis experience at Northern Valley Demarest. From meeting amazing people to learning things beyond the court, I have truly had a rewarding experience playing tennis. As I wrap up my senior year and the tennis season, I hope that I am able to continue to grow and improve both on and off the court.