Coach Champ Talks Women’s Sports

Alexandra Stanivukovic

March was Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women throughout history and recognize the strides made toward gender equality. It’s time to explore the experiences of women and their perspectives, especially in competitive fields like sports.

Alexandra Champ, a coach for the lacrosse team, talks about her experiences as a woman playing sports, “I played starting in 7th grade through high school. Then I played DI lacrosse and field hockey at UPenn. And after that, I played post-grad for the New York Athletic Club until I was 29” Coach Champ said.

Many people have key figures in their lives that spark a passion to continue their sport or hobby. Whether this is a fictional character, a friend, or a parent, it’s a way for many athletes to stay determined and positive. 

For Champ, her key figure was a childhood superhero, Wonder Woman. Champ felt as if she was physically strong and capable, and not playing the classic “damsel in distress” role most women at the time played. 

Champ explains how many female athletes motivate her, one of them being Mia Hamm, “I always like Mia Hamm. I know she was a soccer player, but she was so tough and determined.”

Unfortunately, many women like Champ are faced with discrimination and unequal treatment when pursuing a sport. She feels as if women’s sports aren’t taken as seriously compared to the men’s sporting industry. 

“Women’s sports are still seen as somewhat inferior to boys’ sports. Men AND women will go watch the boys’ games, but it’s really only other women (and the player’s families) who watch the girls’ games” Champ said.

She hopes to improve NVD’s team, as well as the stigma against women in the sports field. 

“ I would like to see my mid-level players really rise up. We always have the Varsity kids who excelled the year before, but if we have some of the younger returning players see their potential, I think that can make the difference between a good team and a great team” Champ said.


Photo courtesy of @nvdgirlslax