Worst Candy: Easter

Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Lola Brown, staff writer

Every year, Easter is on the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs after springtime. This year Easter falls on April 9. 

An array of candies are associated with this holiday, from bunnies to chickens to eggs. Easter candies are lackluster compared to the other holidays.

Easter candies are all sugar. Easter is supposed to be a happy holiday. Let’s not ruin it by buying these candies.

  1. Peeps

Peeps are disgusting. There is little to say about these candies since they are straight marshmallow. These marshmallows are disgusting and bland, I have never had a tasty flavored peep. As they are incredibly boring, Just Born Quality Confections, which  makes peeps, dips the chicken-shaped marshmallow into sugar crystals. Peeps are pretty tasteless, tasting of nothing but sugar.

This snack is not only unhealthy, but the chick has no flavor. It tastes like pure sugar, and it’s not worth the risk of diabetes if you eat too many of these. 

  1. Jelly beans  

When I saw jelly beans as a child, I would get the chills. These minute, sticky, disgusting pebbles of pure sugar people call “candy” would get stuck where you wouldn’t want them to. On Easter as a child, I remember finding these beans all over my house, stuck to my Easter shoes, and I would even get them stuck in my teeth. Jelly beans are just sugar, corn syrup, and starch. That ingredient list sounds disgusting and not something I personally would be interested in eating. 

Jelly beans come in all flavors, from throw-up to strawberry. There are a handful of good jelly beans, and I appreciate them for what they are, even if they constantly get stuck in my teeth. My favorite type of jelly bean is the blue raspberry one. They taste great and are fairly sweet. 

  1. Chocolate bunnies

I wouldn’t know how to describe the way these bunnies taste, but they give me a feeling of sadness. These bunnies are mass manufactured, bland, and quite honestly scary to look at. These bunnies are typically milk chocolate and taste like nothing. No matter what brand, if I decide to jokingly take a bite (because who actually eats chocolate bunnies), they taste flavorless and leave me disappointed. The chocolate bunnies taste like endless sweetness, if that is something you would like, definitely try these. 

One candy that is actually good for the Easter holiday are Reese’s eggs. The chocolate peanut butter candy is incredibly good and a moderately sweet snack. They come out around Easter time and don’t stay on sale for long. Another incredible candy is the Cadbury Easter egg. With a crunchy outside, milk chocolate inside and creamy center these eggs are incredible, sweet, and crunchy. It makes for a great snack to munch on during the Easter season.

Easter has many traditions and this year I’m skipping candy. Let’s stick to egg hunts and skip the candy form from now on.