Say Yes To the (Prom) Dress

The boys all dressed up for prom. (Photo Credits: Joe Fine)

The boys all dressed up for prom. (Photo Credits: Joe Fine)

Dylan Steiner, Arts editor, staff writer

As the school year flies by, exciting events are happening at NVD, such as Junior Prom! On March 17th, the junior class got dressed up and headed to their very first school dance. After months of planning, everything came together, and everyone looked amazing. There were so many different types of dresses and suits, everybody had different opinions on who looked the best. 

Junior Sloane Kaplan expressed that her favorite dress was her cousin’s, Anna Kaplan’s. Sloane said, “I liked her dress fit and look, and it wasn’t too simple and wasn’t too crazy.” Sloane enjoyed feeling special and dressed up for the night.

The girls’ gorgeous corsages (Photo Credits: Dylan Steiner)

Netta Saban, also a junior, was a fan of Dylan Steiner’s dress. Netta said, “Her dress was so unique and literally screams Dylan Steiner, I love how she didn’t go the completely traditional look of what most people wore, and the dress itself was gorgeous” (Saban). Netta had fun putting the final touches on her look, such as jewelry and her heels. 

Sam, Claire, and Morgan ready to take on prom. (Photo Credits: Sam Vilkin)

Junior Sam Vilkin thought he and his friends were “looking fly,” and he had a great time at prom. 


Sophomore Maya Gueguen did not attend the prom; however, she had an outside view of all the dresses. She enjoyed the vibrant and flattering pink dress on Noga Solomon. 

Junior Claire Song loved the experience of getting ready and taking pictures with her friends. Her favorite look was Syrena Sayids’. Claire said, “her dress was very sparkly and flattering on her.”

Junior Aristotelis Paliouras said, “My favorite part about dressing up from prom is getting to see other people’s fashion sense. I think that in school, everyone just throws on whatever is most comfortable, and they don’t really express their personality or emotions.” He also shared that his favorite look of the night was Brandon Srebnik’s.

Leah, Netta, Dylan, Syrena, Claire, and Noga at pre-prom. (Photo Credits: Dylan Steiner)

“This was my favorite because Brandon expressed himself as a very silly person through his multicolored sunglasses, which also looked very swag, and honestly made me jealous,” Paliouras said. 

There were so many different looks to choose from and a million different opinions. Everyone was unique in their own way and enjoyed their first prom. The junior class cannot wait for next year’s senior prom!