NVD Student Favorite Books

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Julia Reyes

We are all aware that some students don’t enjoy reading, but if they do, what genres of novels would they find intriguing enough to read?

Traveling to other eras and seeing various cultures are two of reading’s most important advantages. People frequently consider how they may have conducted their lives in other eras and situations. People appreciate reading because it fosters their creativity. Reading offers people a necessary diversion and escape from the rigors of everyday life. But more than that, reading something completely unconnected to life gives people the chance to take a mental and emotional vacation, be introspective, and view things from a fresh perspective. 

“I really like the characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty and I feel like the main character is relatable because she is part Asian and having representation in books is important,” sophomore Erin Rhee says.

Books also allow people to see themselves represented in the outside world and provide a safe space for them.

“My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I feel like the characters and I are really similar. The book relates to all the readers in a way,” sophomore Luke Novosel says.

Books have a way of making readers feel understood and represented when in reality they may not be.

“My favorite type of books are rom coms because they are really entertaining to read and see everything unfold,” Rhee says.

Having a book that’s enjoyable just makes it even better, it keeps people on the edge of their seat and keeps them entertained. There is something for everyone.

“Graphic novels are the best type of books because they keep me entertained. Also everyone has different types of books they like and there is so much out there for everyone,” Novosel said.