Is Pizza Healthy?


Ariel Goldberg and Quinn Postman, Editors in Chief

Yes, pizza is healthy: Ariel Goldberg

Pizza is a diverse Italian dish that everyone enjoys on a Friday night with friends. You can put as many toppings as you want and make flavor combinations that you never knew belonged on a pizza. There are many kinds of pizza flavors, from dessert pies, to gluten free pies, to stuffed crust creations. Pizza is a popular dinner choice that is not only delicious, but can be healthy as well. Even people with dietary restrictions can implement pizza into their lifestyle and love the flavor. There are many substitutes and additions one can use to make the meal healthy.

Pizza is a good way to incorporate a carb, dairy, and fruit if you decide to make it from scratch. This option allows people to know the ingredients they are putting into their creations. A sauce consists of tomatoes, seasoning, and a liquid, which can be made in a healthy way. Vegans can substitute cheese for vegan cheese or add something else on top that they like to eat with pizza. Those that are gluten free can find a recipe for a gluten free crust. Even if you make the dough normally, it is a carb that will give you energy throughout the day. Once the dough is made, the sauce is usually next. Once the sauce is on the dough, you can put whatever you want. The options are endless. Pizza should not be replaced with other healthy meals that are high in protein and nutrients, but it’s a nice treat to have without feeling guilty. 

Making pizza healthy at home can also be an enjoyable time to share with family and friends. When you aren’t sure what to do on a weekend, maybe plan to make some pizza!  


No pizza is not healthy: Quinn Postman 


After a long week, many people want to unwind and relax during the weekend. A great way to do this is by ordering a pizza. Pizza is a great Friday night dinner with friends or family. Pizza is not considered a healthy meal because it is usually topped with cheese, salty meats, and other high-calorie toppings, it is high in calories and sodium. Plus, some pizzas contain added sugar in the crust, certain toppings and sauces.


        Now, pizzas can be made healthy but this can take away from the overall taste of a pizza. People that are gluten free, vegetarians, or lactose intolerant argue that pizza can still be the same without these key ingredients. I believe that pizza cannot be the same without these key ingredients. 


      Therefore, pizza is best served as a guilty pleasure food and shouldn’t be considered healthy.