How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

How to Be Single on Valentines Day

Dylan Steiner and Maya Gueguen

While Valentine’s Day has been marketed as the holiday of love, single people should also be celebrated. Whether you take yourself out or watch “The Notebook” with a box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day can be just as fun single as when “taken.”

Leah Van De Ven, a junior at NVD, who says she’s not really a relationship kind of girl, prefers to go out with her single friends and focus on herself more than a partner.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a great holiday but it’s too focused on relationships rather than self-love and loving your friends,” Van De Ven said.

There are plenty of ways to keep people from crying when single during this holiday. Single people can enjoy a relaxing beauty treatment with face masks, get their nails done, or have a candlelit bubble bath.

The other route is to have a “Galentine’s” Day with their favorite single friends. They can dress up, take pictures and host the most perfect “singles only” dinner party.

On the other hand, senior Chris Short has a very different view of the holiday as he is recently out of a relationship.
“Valentine’s Day is the same as every other day of the year because nobody loves me,” Short said. “In the future, I hope to have someone to celebrate with, but this year I am focusing on self-love.”

Chris and Leah both agree that Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, meaning that everyone should learn to love themselves as much as they do others.

Senior, Criss Guzman has a variety of different opinions about the holiday. In the past, Valentine’s Day to Criss was just another reminder that he was single. Guzman would “get in his feels” about the holiday,

“When I get home from school on Valentine’s Day I will listen to love music to get in the Valentine’s Day mood,” Guzman said. He prefers “Chasing Pavements” by Adele and “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

However, he has changed his views this year, and Criss would rather “be on with my dogs on a PS4 party getting lit on the mic,” Guzman said.

With so many different activities to do during this holiday, everyone should be able to treat themselves because they deserve to be happy. Chris, Criss, and Leah exemplify that you do not need to be in a romantic relationship to feel love.

When single, instead of being sad and crying in bed, single people should spend Valentine’s Day celebrating and loving themselves!

“Words of wisdom to the single, be happy you are single and not spending money and stressing over gifts,” Guzman said.