NVD Swim: Season Updates 2023


Marta Gershanok, Features/Managing Editor

This 2023 Norsemen swim team has stepped up to another level. The NVD Boys Swim Team have a record of 5-1 and captured their 55th straight state title at BMOC (Bergen Meet of Champions), placing 3rd at counties. Meanwhile, the girls’ team followed with a record of 5-4 and competed well in the League Championship but lost to Ramsey.

Boys swimming team competed well this year but hopes to improve next year (Photo Courtesy of Marta Gershanok)

There are many leading swimmers in this year’s season. Freshman Timothy Lee is a solid addition to the team, who helped lead the boys to place at counties.

Sophomores Trianha Puente, Eric Hwang, Roy Sung, and Jacob Kim are helping the Norsemen lead with positive records. Juniors Kiera Lao and Eric Lee are strong upperclassmen that lead the team by scoring many points.

Lastly, seniors Elaine Kim, Rebecca Storch, and Kaan Yaprak are key swimmers to the Norsemen’s success.

Aside from their successes, the NVD swimmers pride themselves on having a great team environment. Always trying to persevere through the competition, the team’s mentality is strong.

Senior state finalist Kaan Yaprak says that his favorite thing about the team is the freshmen’s willingness to learn and improve.

“The effort level with everyone on the team was amazing. Nobody went into a race ever thinking that they were going to get last,” Yaprak said.

Sophomore state qualifier Eric Hwang says that he admires the team’s competitiveness.

“I think my favorite thing is how close our team is. We always try to work as a team and beat the other team,” Hwang said.

The mixture of fast club swimmers with hard-working high school swimmers makes the team environment even more supportive.

Sophomore counties qualifier Trianha Puente explains that the team has a great dynamic, despite different swim backgrounds.

“All the swimmers on the team, whether it be club swimmers or high school swimmers, come together to form NVD Swim as a whole and make the team what it truly is,” Puente said.

The positive NVD Swim environment taught the graduating class a lot about leadership.

Senior team captain Kaan Yaprak explains that NVD Swim taught him to be a great leader.

“I believe NVD Swim taught me how to be a teacher to those who were once in my position. It taught me that more often than not, a person’s confidence far outweighs their skill when it comes down to it,” he said.

As the season ends, the team is excited to welcome incoming freshman swimmers in 2024.

Jacob Kim, a leading sophomore swimmer, says he’s looking forward to the team’s potential.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more fast swimmers coming in and having a better chance at winning counties,” he said.