Ski Club’s Stirring Season


Michelle Yu, News Co-Editor

The NVD Ski Club, run by Mr. Carcich, is gaining more popularity this year with newcomers from all grades. 

The Ski Club enables students from all grades to experience various types of slopes and terrain by skiing with the school, especially if they cannot get their own transportation to ski resorts. Many students are interested in the activities that take place in this club and what happens during field trips or club meetings. 

Junior Aastha Jain  is a part of the Ski Club and explained that the club goes skiing resorts every week, rotating between Saturdays and Sundays.

“We get to NVD between 6:30-6:45 with our skis and all our stuff and leave the ski place by three in the afternoon. When we get there, we put our stuff on and ski with friends. We are recommended to go in at least groups of three,” Jain said. 

The club requires the students to obtain certain equipment after joining. Students in the club need to purchase the ski equipment themselves. Instead of buying entirely new skis for the club, or if students could not buy the necessary equipment, they can rent skis at certain resorts through an additional payment as well. 

“You need to have boots, a helmet, skis, a jacket, gloves, and anything else to keep you warm. They have

rentals if you book them beforehand or even at the ski place for boots, a helmet,

Two club members take a selfie before skiing on their latest trip (Photo Courtesy of Aastha Jain)

and even skis,” Jain said.

Another great aspect of this club is that despite how helpful it is to know how to ski, there is no need to panic if club members do not know how to before they join. It is alright because there are always more experienced peers in the club who can teach others how to ski. Mr. Carcich also offers opportunities to attend ski lessons for an additional cost at the mountains where the ski club travels if reservations were made in advance. 

Another junior, Sophia Frank, explained many aspects of the club she enjoyed during her first year. There are no specific levels for skiers and snowboarders in the club. The way the club runs the trips to resorts is very flexible for the students. There are many perks involved with joining the Ski Club, including having freedom within the club and having affordable prices at the resorts.

“I joined the club because skiing makes me feel so free and happy. I love the cold air against my face when I ski down the mountains and the adrenaline it gives me,” Frank said.